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Traveling to China? Experience & explore the wonder and beauty of Real China with Dragon Experience. History and Culture of China make China one of the most amazing countries to explore through travel. The depth of China's character is shown through not just World heritage sites such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City & Terracotta Warriors but by exploring Real villages, people and off the track China. China was ruled until 100 years ago by Emperors & the Qing Dynasty and it’s the long history and culture we at Dragon Experience will makes sure you explore and enjoy. Join Dragon Experience and explore Real China, real culture, amazing beauty, history and vibrant modern day cities such as Beijing, Xian and Shanghai.

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Furniture store furniture products and consumers to meet directly where the first position the furniture sales. Segments in each channel, furniture store furniture industry is the last decisive battle. However, in the Chinese furniture market, most of the furniture store still at the stage of extensive business management, the rising cost of shop, store sales have gradually declined. Especially in the financial crisis, how to increase sales of furniture stores, has become a marketing manager for the furniture they been thinking of the problem.

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